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Why me?

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Who we are

In 2017 we started with our digital investment platform - Smartlands

We built a brand new investment product - we digitized securities on blockchain

Smartlands is the first UK-based digital investments platform with a proven use case for tokenising shares in real assets (real estate) and issuing digital securities for retail investors in full compliance with FCA regualtions.

We are a team of 20 people with head office in London (bankers, entrepreneurs, marketers, asset managers)

We are supported by our community and more than 10 thousand blockchain enthusiasts
While interacting with the community and using digital and fiat money ourselves, we concluded that existing banks do not keep pace with the interests of the new generation and business.

Therefore, we decided that by developing the Smartlands ecosystem, we are creating a new product that will meet the needs of most users.
But to create a cool product, we needed to strengthen our team with experienced and professional people.

And we are happy they joined us with all of their knowledge and experience in creating advanced solutions for systems design and marketing.

Store, spend and
earn money E A S I L Y

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Smartee will start as an AR of e-money licensed company to provide innovate payment services and refer to opportunities of third parties' investment platforms/services for investments.
* VISA logo is used as a sample. Smartee has a preliminary agreement with VISA card provider, yet it is not guaranteed that Smartee card won’t be issued by another payment system.
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