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Invite your friends to become Smartee Co-owner and Get more Smartee Shares

Welcome to Smartee Co-owner Referral Program. The rules are simple: invite your friends and receive Smartee shares. The more friends you invite, the more shares you’ll get! You will also exclusively get a special Co-Owner payment card.

Who can receive Smartee shares?

Any user who has successfully passed the verification process in Smartee App is entitled to Smartee shares.

How many shares can I receive?

After passing verification, user receives 3 (three) shares. User can receive 3 (three) additional Smartee shares per each invitee who successfully completes the onboarding process.

How to participate in the referral program?


Install the Smartee app


Register your free Smartee account.


Become Co-owner and claim 3 (three) shares


Share your referral link and Get even more shares

Note: currently, Smartee application is available on Google Play Store only. App Store release expected shortly.

How can I invite friends to join Smartee?

Once you successfully complete the onboarding process, just copy the referral link from the application and share it with friends. You can also share the link on Twitter or Facebook by clicking the “share” button in the application. It is important that your friends follow your referral link supplied during the app installation. Otherwise, you won’t be entitled to shares. If a person has already installed the application, but has not finalized the onboarding process they can also open the link from the device with Smartee app to qualify as your invitee. Once onboarding is finalized, opening the link will not take any effect.

Are there any country limitations?

Only residents of EEA (excluding Liechtenstein) are eligible to pass verification and obtain Smartee shares. Soon the list of supported countries will be extended.

Can the referral link expire?

No, your referral link won’t expire.

Who can I refer?

We don’t have limitations as to the number of friends or associates you can invite as long as the people you refer
- are new Smartee users (they must not have created a Smartee account before) and
- are eligible for a Smartee account (They must be resident of an EEA country excluding Liechtenstein).

How many Smartee shares will be allocated for the Referral program?

The total amount of shares designated for the Сo-owner program is 6 million, which constitutes 10% of outstanding shares at the moment of Smartee incorporation.

In case I clicked on several referral links to install/open the app, following which one of them will get me my shares?

The last referral link you used to install the Smartee app is the one!

How do I know the referral link I used worked well?

Having followed the referral link, the first time you open the application you should see a notification that you were invited by a person. You will see the first name of the person that invited you. At this point you can decline the invitation, but you can still move forward with onboarding. If you have not seen the notification, you may follow the link once again. It should work in either case: (1) you have not installed the application, or (2) the App is installed and it is closed but runs in the background while you are logged in or logged out. Due to some settings or custom modifications of Android OS, there is a chance that some of the options might not work. If you run into a problem, try another option or report the issue to [email protected]

So I've referred someone, what's next?

Once your friend successfully completes the onboarding process, the shares will be added to your account. You will be able to check the number of shares you hold in Smartee app. The more friends you invite, the more shares you get.

When will I receive shares?

Smartee shares will be allocated within 14 days after the finalization of registration of a user but not earlier than 7 days after the incorporation of Smartee.

What are the cases, in which I might not get shares?

A user may be denied shares if the illicit activity, abuse, violation of rules, or double registration is detected. In case of illegal activity after allocation of shares the company may pursue legal action on freezing or revocation of shares.

When will I receive my Smartee Co-owner payment card?

Distribution of Smartee Co-owner payment cards is for Q1 of 2020.

I’m having some technical problems, who can help me?

We are happy to chat and assist you. Please, contact us at [email protected]

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* VISA logo is used as a sample. Smartee has a preliminary agreement with VISA card provider, yet it is not guaranteed that Smartee card won’t be issued by another payment system.
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