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We created a very simple and quick exchange of digital money to EUR, GBP or other currencies and in 5 - 30 minutes the funds will be in your account

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We aim to provide wide range of high-yield opportunities to invest: - Tokenized real estate assets, equity and other projects on the Smartlands Platform - P2P loans originated through an extensive network of experienced loan companies

IBAN + Digital
currencies accounts
and payments worldwide

Are you
self-employed or

Ever considered accepting payments
in digital currencies from

your clients, but did not know how to handle them?

We can help you issue invoices and receive digital currencies as easy as USD or EUR.

You can be more efficient!

Issue corporate cards for your employees and manage them with our easy-to-use dashboard.

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Smartee will start as an AR of e-money licensed company to provide innovate payment services and refer to opportunities of third parties' investment platforms/services for investments.
* VISA logo is used as a sample. Smartee has a preliminary agreement with VISA card provider, yet it is not guaranteed that Smartee card won’t be issued by another payment system.
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