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I’m your new
digital banking friend

Store, spend and earn money E A S I L Y

One friendly and secure place for all your money

Can your bank do it?

FREE PAYMENT CARD. Spend your digital currencies in real life + withdraw cash
Simple and quick EXCHANGE of digital money to EUR, GBP or other currencies in minutes
Peer 2 Peer lending and credit line for your needs
Save your cash back or 1> % from your daily expenditures and EARN
FREE current account in EUR, GBP + wallet for the most popular digital currencies
EASY cross-border payments in fiat or digital currencies
Issue invoices, accept payments or issue FREE cards to your team
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Why me?

People can be friends.
We want to be friends with you!

Legacy banking is slow to change and reluctant to innovate.
And have you ever felt any love from it?
Neither have we. 

You want things to be simple. Reliable. Secure. Fast.
So do we! You want personalized approach to service.
We’re happy to oblige!  

While you grow as a person, Smartee will grow to become a fully-featured digital wealth management ecosystem. Let’s grow together and find new exciting ways to collaborate and coexist.

Here’s Why


Smartee is community-inspired

You are the only reason we are developing Smartee and disrupting the legacy banking space. 

We’ve decided to bring us even closer and co-own Smartee with you.

Be my Co-Owner

Let’s play E A S I L Y

Download the App and I will assist you in registering FREE account

Secure and

We will use OAuth 2.0 specification with a long-term and short-term token, the value of which is regularly changed

Multi-signature, cold-storage accounts protect your currency

Two-step verification,  card freeze to keep your card secure

To confirm transactions, we use one-time passwords

Keep your money on the safe side

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Smartee will start as an AR of e-money licensed company to provide innovate payment services and refer to opportunities of third parties' investment platforms/services for investments.
* VISA logo is used as a sample. Smartee has a preliminary agreement with VISA card provider, yet it is not guaranteed that Smartee card won’t be issued by another payment system.
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